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Revolutionary Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

ManageMyHealth™ is a secure personal Internet health portal allowing healthcare providers to empower individuals to take a more active role in the management of their health and wellbeing.

This revolutionary new personal health portal enables individuals to access appropriate patient medical records online and health results uploaded by their doctor. It also allows patients to engage electronically with their health care providers to support positive lifestyle changes. ManageMyHealth™ is fully integrated with other Medtech products providing streamlined EMR solutions for communication and valuable connectivity, ultimately delivering more focused patient care and ongoing benefits throughout the health care ecology. ManageMyHealth™ increases health care efficiencies and administration savings by using ManageMyHealth™ functionality such as online appointments and electronic medical records management, secure messaging and appointment reminders etc.


Key Advantages for Providers ManageMyHealth™ can be customized to suit the services provided by health professionals.

Use tele monitoring to track the health of patients using medical devices installed in their home. Discuss the results with your patient using secure audio / video communication tools. Integrate care plans and outcome measures into the portal and set and monitor health goals with your patients.

Share health data with other health providers – after hours / emergency / allied health.

Reduces patient communication costs by providing electronic recalls, laboratory results, and secure email.

Key Benefits for Patients ManageMyHealth™ can be customized to suit the needs of your patients.

The freedom to manage your health needs – and that of your family anytime, anywhere

View medical conditions, lab results, immunisation records, allergies, prescriptions and share health information as required with other healthcare providers.

Safe and secure way to improve your health and track your wellbeing online.

Our Products

Key Components

Comprehensive telehealth solution providing quality remote care integrating audio video and medical devices with Electronic Medical Records.


Medical devices can be paired with ManageMyHealth™ app (BP, BS, Pulse – Oximeter, Spirometer, ECG and more). Easy to set-up and integrate new devices.Secure storage of medical data on the ManageMyHealth™ portal.


ManageMyHealth™ uses state of the art technology coupling electronic patient record the secure video and audio communication. Supports smart phones and tablets. Secure communication with patients – SMS, email, voice message, alarms, reminders.


Care providers can interact and consult through the ManageMyHealth™ portal allowing access and updates to the patient’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR).