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Emergency Response Solution care During times of Clutch

Emergency Response Solution care Planning for and responding to large scale events and emergencies has never been more complex and unpredictable. Let’s look at what our expert Medtech-Managemyhealth has to offer— Features of Managemyhealth [MMH] Emergency Response Solution— Medtech Managemyhealthindia is an online service that provides instant access to get help from doctors at hospitals or remotely. The Emergency response solution of Medtech, has the following advantages—

  • Ambulance enabled with Managemyhealthindia , Emergency Response  Services, allows the paramedics to record patient vitals and move all the information into ‘Managemyhealth’ cloud, during transit.
  • While the patient is in transit, this EMR helps the emergency room staff to prepare and be ready for receiving the patient and starting the treatment immediately on arrival. This is very important for saving the life of all patients.
  • The information stored in the cloud can be accessed by authorized doctors in the Intensive Care Unit, which can further help to communicate with the patients through audio and video call, during that golden hour!!!
  • Doctors can suggest any critical support to be administered by the paramedic staff, immediately.
  • Registration of the patient in the hospital is quick, using MMH linked with hospital ‘Hospital Information Medical System’[HIMS].
  • In some special cases, specialist can be called doe discussions on EMR and advice the course of treatment before the patient arrives to the emergency department at the hospital.
  • All this stored EMR can be transferred to the patient on admission in the hospital and the ambulance is all ready to reach out for the next emergency.

The key Benefit of Managemyhealth’s  —Emergency Response Solution, is to  bring ‘Hospital support to the door steps of the emergency patients’ and extend the reach beyond hospital boundaries’.Managemyhealth’s “Emergency Response Solution” incorporates multi-parameter monitoring device along with cloud technology to provide critical, real-time healthcare support to all patients during that “Critical – Hour.”!!!So, wasting no time, grab this opportunity to connect with our expert team Medtech – Managemyhealth at to help us, help you…

                          Quick and timely action Saves lives!!!

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